A phone, two screens. The concept is Samsung and seeks to talk over 2017. This was revealed Bloomberg,  set a date about videos that the company circulated in the past with its vision of the future of phones: a future of  smartphones with folding screens and others that turned the smartphone into a tablet.. According to several market analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, the Korean company is ready to incorporate flexible displays on two phone models. With them it will be possible to fold the terminal to take up less space or display it when you want to surf the web on a larger screen.

Samsung is considering two models. The first is a phone that gets the hinge to which we were accustomed manufacturers before the arrival of the smartphone and that would fold like a makeup case. The second is a five-inch phone that could be unrolled to reach 8-inch in size, ie, a phone capable of becoming a tablet. The company has shown flexible displays earlier in fairs and congresses but integrating them into small devices, as phones, it is not easy. Several technical hurdles have so far prevented it possible but recent advances in manufacturing technology have allowed blades OLED overcome them.

Samsung also will have to modify the Android operating system or use its own operating system, Tizen, to make the most of the new screen. These new phones, known internally as “Project Valley”, enable Samsung to maintain leadership in the market telephony in a year in which his main rival, Apple plans to major changes. Apple will hold in 2017,  the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and could present a new iPhone with curved screen design and OLED technology. As has happened in previous years, it is expected to present its new Galaxy Samsung phones in February, taking advantage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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