Samsung will provide most of OLED displays for the iPhone 7, this is a big news to have the upcoming Apple smartphone to use this technology (Apple devices so far uses LCDs).

This would not be the first time the two companies collaborate. In fact, Samsung and Apple supplied to some of the essential components of iPhones, as some processors and RAM.

Despite having tried elsewhere, it seems that Apple has failed to find a partner that could provide the same quality and quantity of Samsung in the production of OLED screens that, apparently, will be mounted on the iPhone 7. For this reason, Apple would already signed a partnership agreement with Samsung to start production in the coming weeks.
As part of this agreement, Samsung will invest more than $7.4 billion to increase its production capacity of OLED screens, so they can meet the standards and demands of Apple. With this investment, Samsung will be able to produce 30,000 to 40,000 OLED screens per month, but may invest even more in case of need.

Clearly, in exchange for an investment of this type, Samsung should earn several billion of dollars paid directly by Apple.(Source ET News)

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