News from the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor mill: The next top model of the South Koreans should have a similar fingerprint scanner such as Apple’s iPhone 6 installed. To this end, the home button is the latest rumored increased; the Security feature to function with a simple touch without brushing. In addition, a user agent profile (UAProf) has appeared, therefore, will be equipped with WQHD display the device.

Although Samsung offered at its flagship smartphone 2014, with the fingerprint scanner is a response to Apple’s TouchID had, however, a lot of criticism because of its functioning. Because instead of having to type such as the iPhone 6 or the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 only appropriate sensor to unlock the smartphone can the Samsung Galaxy S5 a swipe gesture was needed. In addition to this complicated operation of the fact is added that the detection is relatively unreliable and must be deleted using the button several times until the screen is unlocked – in this period, a multi-digit number code itself would long since entered. With the Galaxy S6 to this cumbersome method of operation of the past.

There is a lot of speculation a bout the expected for early March Galaxy S6. The new top model with the biggest changes in the history of Samsung’s flagship series could be presented.

In the smartphone world, the pace is fast-paced, hard as nails competition and pressure to innovate high. No sooner is a top model on the market, ask the first after the successor, which should be nice please even faster, sharper, flatter and noble yet. Samsung has set in the past with its Galaxy S series of standards, the next model is stretched according to each year expected. The Galaxy S 6 is expected to be presented in early March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Already, many rumors have sprung up around the new S-Class. Samsung dares a new beginning?

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The Korean industrial giant had at last be accused again and again, only to produce goods and rod to provide any real innovations more. The current flagship Galaxy S5 is indeed excellent, but it is different enough from its predecessor and was not the hoped-for blockbuster. In the recent past, but Samsung seemed to resume driving. The Galaxy Alpha came as a flat and stylish smartphone that although no microSD slot, but had a frame made of aluminum – a Samsung premiere. When acclaimed Touch 4 Samsung has taken this design element, the just previous to the sale of Galaxy-A models are the first smartphones to the South Koreans with a housing made entirely of metal and without changing battery, and to the staff Edge Samsung is one of the exciting smartphones last year succeeded.
This was 2014, a year of reflection with curved displays, new materials, and with the departure of microSD slot and removable battery, where Samsung had held long iron. These changes may also be reflected in the new flagship now, its development is to run under the code name “Project Zero”. The Galaxy S6 have an aluminum body, they say. This became even been claimed in the past S models, meanwhile, Samsung has actually devices with aluminum housing on the market and garners praise. The timing would be good to use the precious material and the flagship.

If the S6 as the Galaxy-A models actually gets called a unibody, so a housing which is made of one piece, it would mean at the same time say goodbye to the replaceable battery. It would be the first Samsung’s flagship fixed battery and how “” suspects without microSD card slot. Instead, the internal memory to be magnified in conversation are models with 64 and 128 gigabytes of memory. Perhaps Samsung is also on the safe side: According to “AndroidPit” there is a second version with aluminum frame and plastic back. Maybe there’s Barcelona to marvel even three S6 models: According to “SamMobile” plan, the South Koreans also a device whose display as in Note Edge is bent to one side. The S6 Edge will have a plastic back, here is the battery could then be replaced.

In addition to new discoveries, more rumors say that the Galaxy S 6 is predominantly have an in-house 64-bit compatible Exynos Octa-core processor on board; Qualcomm’s Snapdragon with 810 to be fitted only 10 to 20 percent of all devices. Furthermore, 3 GB RAM suspected, is also a fundamental renewal of Samsung’s flagship over its predecessors the speech. In addition, the Samsung’s own TouchWiz to be greatly reduced in size.

When choosing a processor, the smartphone maker may be forced to break new ground. Supposedly sets Samsung for the Galaxy S6 not, as previously largely on a Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm, but instead wants to equip most devices with a Exynos processor of its own design. Reason is the risk of overheating the new Snapdragon 810 writes the industry service “Digitimes”. Until Qualcomm has solved the problem, to only 10 to 20 percent of the S6 models get the Snapdragon, Samsung could then increase the rate.

A unibody aluminum with solid battery and few openings to fit another rumor that Samsung wants to improve protection against water and dust. Even the fingerprint scanner is to be improved. Samsung’s solution, in which you have to wipe your finger over the home button, proved in practice tests compared to Apple TouchID as clearly impractical.


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