Samsung Unveils Galaxy Surfboard



The Samsung Galaxy surfboard is a surfboard with integrated S7 Galaxy that displays messages and other useful information on the LCD.

The objective of Samsung is to connect to the Internet any object, even a surfboard. A video posted on YouTube by the Brazilian headquarters shows the Galaxy surfboard used by Gabriel Medina, professional surfer and world champion WSL 2014. The Korean manufacturer has however specified that it is just a concept, so do not ever come on the market.


The Galaxy Surfboard looks like a regular surfboard. Actually hides a Galaxy S7 inside. The smartphone is the “brain” of the table and allows the reception of the information that is displayed on an LED display. Obviously the Surfboard is waterproof. But why a surfer should use a similar “device” in the waves? People who love this sport just trying to get away from a hyper-connected world and spend some time in the sea. Samsung takes the view that professional surfer should stay in touch with the coach and the fans.

In the video you see in fact Charles Medina (coach and father of Gabriel) that sends suggestions to the son. This information is displayed on the display Surfboard, together with some icons showing the weather conditions, the wind direction, the height and frequency of the waves. Fans can instead send messages of encouragement via Twitter.

Fortunately this is just a demonstration of the technological capabilities of Samsung. Nobody ever would buy a surfboard with integrated smartphone. It is still possible that other manufacturers take the idea and implement a commercial version to borrow.

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