samsung-corruptionThere are strange rumors about the launch of the Galaxy S8 just after it is announced that the investigation into the explosive batteries of Galaxy Note 7 is over. And yet, they can not even rest at the North Korean company’s headquarters, and if we only knew that the President of Samsung had been accused of being involved in massive corruption scandals, it seems that his Vice President has been the following Domino plug in to fall naturally. What is happening at Samsung Headquarters?

The South Korean company is able to do everything to get the market is something we already knew, its dirty plays as far as publicity is concerned, as well as the movements and accusations of plagiarism in the market are provoking an unsustainable situation.

However, it would be hypocritical to demean Samsung and its great work, spectacular devices like the Galaxy S6 Edge and its natural evolution, the S7. On the other hand, they have behind them a marked trajectory in the development of AMOLED panels and many more devices that are leaders in their markets, we doubt that these corruption scandals of a few soulless ones in the company come to affect enough to make suffer to Samsung, At least on a large scale.

On the other hand, makes us rethink all the plays in the past Samsung, concluding that being in the hands of these alleged offenders anything could have happened in those offices. Lee Jae-Yong was the last one affected by this horrible plot, right after Park Geun-Hye, President of Samsung (sorry) if I did not write well. It has only been 22 hours that the procedure for capturing these offenders has been started and is expected to fall more related to the world of technology..

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