Samsung could have serious plans to annex the Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry. There was a bid of $ 7.5 billion, converted almost 6.4 billion euros, have come on the table. It would be especially Samsung to be doing the patent portfolio.

There were talks going on between top executives from Samsung and BlackBerry, as reported by sources of Reuters. The talks were according to these sources are ongoing, but there would be on the part of Samsung already offer ready that leads to $ 7.5 billion, almost 6.4 billion euros. Although neither company would confirm the possible acquisition, Reuters states have recognized documents that confirm the talks. Previously decided  Samsung and Blackberry to go all together to work for the business market.

According to the sources, the Samsung applies in particular to the large patent portfolio that BlackBerry possession. Allows the Korean company would make himself stronger in the smartphone market: many manufacturers are involved in legal disputes, including Apple. Samsung and Apple do have the intention expressed  their lawsuits against each other to terminate.

Or BlackBerry sympathetic to an acquisition by Samsung is not clear. It is also not the first time that there are rumors about a possible imminent acquisition of BlackBerry. Would have had several companies interested in the company, or parts of it. These may include going to Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo and Samsung.BlackBerry decided  , however, after a difficult period still continue to go on their own, according to the rumors. Despite struggling  Canadian company still declining sales.

Update, Thursday 08.00:  According to Samsung, the message “unfounded.” BlackBerry late Bloomberg know to be aware of media reports about a possible bid from Samsung to take on BlackBerry, but says: “BlackBerry is not in talks with Samsung over a possible bid to acquire BlackBerry.” The statement leaves open the possibility that there is a bid made, but it is not known whether this is the case.


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