apple_samsungA California judge on Thursday approved final fine giant about $930 million owed ​​by Samsung for violating Apple patents, but has refused to ban certain products from South Korean IT group as requested by its U.S. rival.

Samsung was found guilty Aug. 24, 2012 for violations of a series of Apple patents by a jury in San Jose. Damage initially estimated at $1.05 billion , were revised downward in a second trial, still in San Jose, where the decision of the jurors had brought the total to nearly $930 million .

However, this conviction had yet to be approved by the judge , Lucy Koh, who has in a judgment released Thursday .

It has however rejected Apple’s request that , based on the guilt of Samsung, called for a ban on the sale in the United States a series of devices manufactured by the latter.

” Apple has not established that it was entitled to ban required ,” which ” is denied ,” Judge Koh wrote in a separate judgment , also delivered Thursday.

Most major technology companies are currently waging a patent war in the courts around the world. The tussle between Apple and Samsung are however subject to special attention, as they are the two dominant players in the market of computer tablets as smartphones.

The results of the judicial confrontations between the two groups were mixed so far, but California is the fine salt which scooped Samsung.

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