Samsung will unveil the results of the survey on the causes that led to the explosion of several Galaxy Note 7 by the end of the month, so as to oblige the company to withdraw the device from the market.

Since the first cases, Samsung has now launched an investigation to find out the reasons of the explosions were highlighted. Most likely, all it linked to the incorrect battery design, crammed into too small a space for its size, and the fact that Samsung has pushed suppliers to respect the tighter deadlines, at the expense of safety and the final test.

Carelessness that cost dear to Samsung, as the company was forced to withdraw from the market all 7 notes in circulation, effectively blocking the sale.

Later this month, the company will unveil the reasons that have caused many explosions. The investigation began last October, shortly after the model was definitively withdrawn from the market. After being consulted at that time, the Samsung brand explained that the explosions could be due to a combination of factors.

The incidents in Note 7 had an impact of $5.1 billion on the company’s accounts, so investors believe it is essential to identify the cause of combustion not to repeat the same error and rebuild consumer confidence.

(Via: Reuters)

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