SanDisk iXpand: External Storage For iPad And iPhone



iXpand idea of ​​SanDisk flash drive is very simple. It’s basically a USB storage miniature has a Lightning connector and is all you need for the expansion of storage on your iPad (or iPhone).

In my tests, iXpand proved to be extremely easy to use and worked as planned and flawlessly. I could connect to my computer using the standard USB connector to transfer data to the unit, connect it to my iPad Mini and transfer the data again.


However, it has some drawbacks. Storage is limited (up to 64 GB), is not compatible with USB 3.0 and the FAT32 file system supports files of limited size. Still, iXpand is highly recommended for its excellent price. In the United States it costs only US $60, US $80 or US $120 for versions of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, respectively. Not only is it fun and practice, but is also an excellent gift for the holidays.

Simple, but effective
In the field of storage expansion for iPad, iXpand is the first unit I’ve seen that uses the Lightning connector (the rest use Wi-Fi to transfer files). The Lightning connector has several advantages: it is much faster than wireless, easier to use and more reliable. However, it also has some disadvantages. In addition, using the Lightning port, you can not charge your device at the same time.

Although iXpand is conveniently small, maintain that size means that the amount of storage available is immense. But in this case, the simplicity exceeds capacity. The drive is preformatted in FAT32, so it works immediately with Windows or Mac computers (like any miniature storage unit). On your iPad, you must first download the mobile application iXpand Sync. After that, the application will instantly recognize the drive when you connect. Also, in my tests there was no connectivity delays and could quickly find anything that would have stored in the unit.


All this gives a huge advantage over iXpand storage expanders that work via Wi-Fi and require you to connect the iPad to a specific Wi-Fi network and execute the mobile application to retrieve information stored in the wireless unit.

The iXpand Sync application is extremely easy to use, though not automatically organizes content into groups, but simply shows the folder structure that you use in the unit. But because he has such a quick response, find things presents no problem. It also includes a handy search feature if you need to quickly find a file. In addition, the application allows you to select multiple files or folders. Then you can perform various tasks such as backup, delete or block files with a password.

Excellent compatibility amazing content and reproducibility
With the mobile application iXpand Sync, iXpand flash unit has the best reproduction of content that you have seen. For example, a complete HD video immediately loaded once you touched on the screen. In addition, there were no delays or buffering time during playback. That’s thanks to the bandwidth of the Lightning connector.

The most important thing is that the iXpand Sync application supports virtually any video format that I know, including multimedia files Matroska (MKV), who rarely allowed. The application also supports subtitles, including integrated subtitles multimedia files. Playback compatibility for other types of files like photos, music and documents, is also excellent. I could see and play virtually all types of content with ease.

Besides making a backup of selected items, the iXpand Sync application can automatically synchronize all the Spool camera from your device with the flash iXpand unit. Once you activate the feature, synchronization starts immediately when connecting the unit. The performance is also very good in this regard. On an iPhone 6, each photo takes about a second to be copied.

screen1136x1136 (1)During synchronization, you can continue to use the unit for other tasks, such as playing a movie. This is extremely useful. In my tests, the film took a little longer (about half a second) to start during synchronization. Moreover, you can also back up your contacts in iXpand. I tested this feature with some 2,000 contacts, which were copied in just 2 seconds. Retrieve the contacts with the same time.

IXpand even though I really like, I wish it was compatible with other file systems such as NTFS, NFS + or exFAT. You can reformat the drive in any of these file systems, but in that case only functions as a storage unit in common miniature. To work with the iXpand Sync application, you must format it to FAT32.

FAT32 is a common file system for miniature storage units and is fully compatible with Windows and Mac. However, only supports files of 4GB or less. Like most movies in HD requires more than 4 GB to store them in digital format, there are many movies you can not take your iXpand. SanDisk said it is analyzing the problem and that, if there is sufficient user demand in the future will make the iXpand Sync application is compatible with exFAT.

The second disadvantage is that iXpand does not support USB 3.0. In my tests, such as flash drive connected to a computer, copy the recorded speed was only 12 MBps for writing. This is half the normal performance of a USB 2.0 portable drive. At this rate, it would take half an hour to fill the storage of 64 GB.

Finally, the maximum capacity of 64 GB is quite limited compared to other products. Other expanders offer larger storage up to 2 TB. Hopefully the new version of iXpand offer 128GB or more. Or that includes an SD card slot.



The SanDisk iXpand is a perfect place for those who need more space or for those who do not want to rely on cloud services and the like to be accessible photos, documents and other important files product.

Depending on the version that interests us, we cost more or less depending on the chosen capacity. Then you have the official prices but by the network and you can get something cheaper:

IXpand SanDisk 16GB: $59.99
IXpand SanDisk 32GB: $79.99
IXpand SanDisk 64GB: $119.99
IXpand SanDisk 128GB: $149.99

Although not perfect, the iXpand flash unit is one of the best accessories for iPad storage have seen, since it is easy to use and delivers amazing performance in terms of multimedia playback. Furthermore, the fact that it functions as a backup for user-generated content will score points.

Too bad that it can only be used for now to hold huge movie files, but if you want to store several seasons of TV shows or books / music / podcasts for a long flight or car trip, this is the best accessory you can buy Lightning connector with your iPhone or iPad.

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