At the CES 2018, SanDisk unveiled a 1TB 1TB and 256GB world’s smallest portable storage drive. In addition to the huge volume, the new drive also features a fairly practical connection: USB-C, which will support all new devices launched in the past two years and will be launched in the near future in computers, tablets and smartphones.

Sandisk claims that with the 1TB drive the smallest usb-c-stick with that capacity has been made so far, reports The Verge. It is a prototype, but the site has been able to determine that the device is indeed working. Due to the available USB-c connection, the drive can be used in combination with an Android phone that supports this connection. It is unknown when the drive comes out and what it will cost. The format is similar to that of a traditional USB drive.

In addition, SanDisk announced a small drive with support for first generation USB 3.1. It is a low-profile drive, which must be able to deliver read speeds of 130MB / s. The drive is part of SanDisk’s Ultra Fit line and has a five-year warranty.

sandisk1tIt is not the first time that a manufacturer announces a large-capacity USB drive at the CES exchange. Last year Kingston came with a drive that had a capacity of 2 TB. However, this was equipped with a traditional USB connection.

Two years ago, the company was acquired by Western Digital storage company for $19 billion. Despite its acquisition, and in view of the brand’s strength, WD has chosen to keep its name and business and not to swallow it, and continues to introduce new products under the SanDisk brand.

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