Recently, there have been many reports about this new type of USB, the USB-C. We started seeing this technology in two new notebooks from Apple and Google 2 large brand new Macbook and the new Chromebook Pixel, respectively. Then we went reducing the screen size, and emerged rumors that the new iPad Pro could lead the new USB Type C, and finally got to the section of mobile where we have seen the first Smartphones Chinese endowed with this USB, the Le- TV.

In addition, we’ve also seen as Android M enhance this new USB adding new features such as installing applications on a USB memory or use it to charge other devices from the smartphone itself.

But until this new type of USB connector becomes more established in the market at the moment is very unlikely that users opt to purchase products only have support for this connector. Jared Peck, head of SanDisk, has told The Verge at Computex 2015 event peripherals industry will have to face a transition between the current USB connector to the new USB connector type C according to our use.

SanDisk, which is one of the companies that are committed to using the new connector into their products, and is selling a dual USB flash drive that offers the traditional side USB connector type A, that so many times It makes us make mistakes when plugging, and on the other, already have USB connector type C.

Well it seems that this time will be the opposite, it has not yet hit the market almost no one device with this technology and has already appeared the first removable dual memory of 32GB with a USB 3.0 port and a band USB-C port on the other. This device brings us the SanDisk brand, so come stomping, and also at a more than competitive price, € 35 can buy one, if we already have it and prepare for the great wave is coming with USB devices -C.

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