Saurik Files Lawsuit Over domain


Jailbreak entrepreneur Jay Freeman will have the domain Because this is normally not successful, Freeman has decided to take legal action. Freeman tried in March, better known by his nickname Saurik, the domain to get hold of. But it did not, because the domain has been registered six years earlier, when there is no iPhone, no jailbreak scene was. Saurik but considers that he is entitled to the domain name: Cydia is a name inextricably linked with the jailbreak.


 His company has already SaurikIT LLC owns the trademark and Cydia Saurik therefore thought to claim the domain.

The current owner uses the domain is inactive. Saurik when the owner approached with a request, he installed an Apple forum 'on but that is not actively used. According to a text on the website forum had to be taken offline because it was bombarded with spam and malicious attacks. According Saurik calls Apple a forum just confusion.

The text of the indictment is found in a PDF document . Currently using the domain Saurik for its activities. In his complaint he claims on the estate, Verisign wants the domain and transfer all legal costs are covered by the current owner.

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