The tfp0 exploit recently discovered by Ian Beer could help the hacker community to make a jailbreak working on iOS 11, so that today Saurik has confirmed that he is working on a version of Cydia compatible with the new Apple operating system.

The image you see at the top was posted on Twitter by the developer Cheesecakeufo that, citing just the exploit of Ian Beer, claims to be able to make the Jailbreak on iOS 11. The developer does however know that it takes some time before to be able to release a fully functional tool and that Cydia is not yet ready for iOS 11.

In response to this tweet, Saurik informs that he is working on a version of Cydia optimized for iOS 11, even if a launch date has not been released.

From these premises, it seems very likely that we will soon see another season of the Jailbreak, maybe not with the glories of the past, but with some alternative tweak present on Cydia.

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