Good news for people in the Jailbreak community. Saurik has just released a tool that will remove the Jailbreak the iPhone or iPad without having to upgrade the system. This tool is really a tweak called “Cydia Impactor” which will remove and reverse all changes made to a device with Jailbreak to return to its initial configuration, exactly as to restore the device. This tweak is incredibly useful for people to be without jailbreak and somehow save us an upgrade.

The most interesting thing about this tweak, as we have said, is the fact that allows us to return to a clean iOS without an upgrade when iOS stop sign the latest version with the possibility of Jailbreak there at that time. With Cydia Impacter will return to the original state of your iPhone without anything more, easy, fast and extremely simple. Impactor is like Cydia Semi-Restore, with the benefit of this tool is created by Saurik own.

Cydia  Impactor 0.9.15 is currently in beta for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4, so before using this tweak recommend that you back up your device in iTunes or iCloud to make sure you do not lose all your information recommend. Impactor Cydia delete all data. Once executed, you must reactivate the device and move through the initial setup like you have restored the device. Saurik has also reported that it is important not to touch the device while running Cydia Impactor to avoid problems, and especially the device must be connected to the internet and more than 50% of battery.

The Jailbreak community gives certainly welcome this tool as useful, and bears witness that Saurik still butt in the development of these issues Jailbreak. So you know, if you want to restore your iPhone to its original state because you Jailbreak is unstable, or simply you’ve tired of Jailbreak, this is your moment, download Cydia Impactor  to make your device look as new.

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