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CydiaJay “Saurik” Freeman, the Creator of the Cydia store, warned users of the dangers they pose unofficial patches for MobileSubstrate. This framework, which provides the most jailbreak-tweaks, has not yet officially received the support of 64-bit processors Apple A7.

Release the jailbreak for iOS 7 took place in the end of last week. Users of the latest models – iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini – found that most of the programs they do not work due to incompatibility MobileSubstrate. On the basis of this framework as the basis for many apps from Cydia. The Network began to appear independent patches for developers who promise full compatibility with all devices. One of them is called MS Reload Fix.

Commenting on the release of MS Reload Fix, Jay Freeman, warned users from installing this package. «This is extremely dangerous, ” he said. Patch does not solve the problem completely, only tweaks SpringBoard. Moreover, its installation leads to the fact that the Substrate starts randomly interact with background processes iOS 7″.

Freeman added that the use of informal modifications MobileSubstrate can cause accelerated discharge the battery, emergency restart devices, incorrect operation of the application, and even to turn the iPhone into a brick. He had promised to release an official update for MobileSubstrate in the near future.

Saurik added that in the Internet there is a working version of the framework, however, install it makes no sense, since the release of the special versions of, created with all the features jailbreak Evasi0n, will be held soon.

How to jailbreak iOS 7, we covered in the previous articles. This link contains instructions for Windows, that’s for Mac. Download Evasi0n 1.0.1 here.

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