Saurik updated Cydget and Veency on iOS 8 to support the iPhone 6 and iphone 6 Plus



Saurik has announced the update of its Veency and tweaks for iOS Cydget 8 and iPhones 6 and 6 more. Veency 0.9.3500 version 0.9.401 Cydget version are available on Cydia.

Cydget  is a specialized extension for iOS lock screen, supports widgets in HTML and Javascript. One of the most functional additions to it – A Pint Of Milk – adds to the clock on lokskrine detailed weather forecast. After installing the tweak iPhone displays the current weather conditions as well as the forecast for several days ahead, data on precipitation, temperature, wind strength and direction, etc.



The second jailbreak addon, Veency, turns the iPhone and iPad in the VNC-server to which you can connect with other devices and computers. Mac users can use this function to “Connect to Server”, which is incorporated by default in OS X. As a result, you can remotely view the contents


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