iH8sn0w  introduced the discharge of its new device, iFaith . With iFaith, it’s that you can think of to save lots of SHSH iOS firmware put in for your iPhone, iPod Contact and iPad although it isn’t signed by using Apple. Why protect its SHSH? To reinstall the firmware (with SHSH saved) when the temper takes you. In truth, you almost certainly comprehend that Apple does now not downgrade the firmware, particularly to forestall the jailbreak by way of transferring to a decrease firmware.



iH8sn0w explains that SHSH are located in the iPhone itself. Unlike TinyUmbrella that the latter only save SHSH yet when Apple allows (currently you can only save SHSH IOS 4.3.3). It is there that iFaith intervenes. Say you buy an iPhone on iOS 4.0, you can now save through its SHSH iFaith although the firmware is no longer signed by Apple. Small gift from the Canadian hacker, the SHSH are stored on a server in addition to
being local.

iFaith is compatible with:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod 3G
  • iPod Touch 4
  • iPad 1
  • Apple TV 2G

iFaith does not require an iPhone, iPod Touch, jailbroken and iPad. The Download  is available for Windows. The Mac version will come about it the next few weeks. The following method show to how to save the SSH Blob for older iOS firmware.

1. First Download iFaith for Windows

2. Open it, once started, click “OK”.



2. On the main menu, select “Dump SHSH Blobs.”



3. Information on iFaith are written, read them and click on “Proceed”.



4. On the screen credits and acknowledgments, click on “Let’s Go! .



5. If you do this procedure for the Apple TV, click “Yes”. If not, click “No”.



6. Follow the instructions to enter DFU mode:



  • Turn off your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV
  • Hold the HOME and POWER buttons for 10 seconds
  • Release the power button, keep pressing the HOME button

7. Once in DFU mode, iFaith SHSH will save the firmware currently installed on your device, whether or not signed by Apple. This step takes several minutes.



8. Once finished, iFaith will ask you to select a location where to save the SHSH locally (eg Office).



9. iFaith verify that the process went neatly. Along with saving your SHSH in the neighborhood iFaith places them on a server.

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