Save the Navy Seals


The allegations are that whereas arresting an alleged terrorist (supposedly answerable for the murders of these 4 Blackwater staff) they both punched the arrestee within the mouth or stomach. The Keep the Navy Seals marketing campaign is arguing that they will have to now not be tried for these moves. 

Allegations are made: that the Navy Seals broke the regulation while arresting this man. This leads us to 2 additional issues. We want to recognize whether or not they did actually damage the regulation. For having marketers of the State being allowed to beat us up without a proof….neatly, that’s in truth one of the crucial issues that the American Revolution was once all about within the first location.

However a lot, far more necessary than this. Allegations were made. So, how do these Navy Seals clear their names? How do they exhibit that the allegations will not be proper? Or that their movements had been justifiable? We now have a device to do that. It’s known as a trial.

Don’t disregard, the purpose of a trial (whether or not it’s a civilian one or a militia courtroom martial) just isn’t merely to establish the responsible (after which to punish them). It’s additionally, and massively extra importantly so, to establish the harmless.

How can these Navy Seals convey that they didn’t spoil the regulation when arresting this man? Via us shouting that they will have to now not be tried? No, completely no longer. Handiest by using their being tried after which being discovered now not responsible. That’s the manner that our society formally states: you didn’t do that, you didn’t spoil the regulation.

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