Eric Schmidt says Apple has learned maps are hard


Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google, would ideally want to be CEO at Apple and suggests that the competition between Android and iOS the “decisive battle” in the market, mentioned Schmidt in an interview with All Things Digital.

Apple has learned that making maps is difficult, “said Schmidt in response to the problems that iOS users encounter with the new Maps app from Apple.” Apple had done better to keep our maps. They are simply better Maps. ”

He considers Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google still as “the big four” in the technology industry. Microsoft makes it consciously outside. “The company is well managed, but they fail to bring quality products we talk about,” says Schmidt.

According to Schmidt, Apple underestimated how much work goes into making a good map service goes down. “We have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in satellite technologies, aircraft records and auto-recording. We therefore believe that we have the best product on the market.”

Although Google did not expect that Apple iOS 6 would withdraw all of Google Maps, the search giant did know that the iPhone maker with its own map service was busy. Schmidt did they say that because Apple lately many manufacturers of navigation and map services bought up.


However, there are competitive battle between Apple and Google is also disagreement as in Maps App. Apple decided in iOS 6, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, Google Maps no longer be used. Previously this app installed by default.

While many iPhone users are waiting for the arrival of a separate Google Maps app, Schmidt says that he has nothing to confirm. In addition, any Apple app also approve before the App Store. “And they have in the past not nearly all applications accepted,” added the former Google boss far.

AllThingsD concludes the interview with the hypothetical query whether or not reasonably Schmidt, Fb CEO, Apple or Amazon. “ I used to be on Apple board, and I’ll at all times have a delicate spot for them. I was once superb chums and really with regards to Steve Jobs, and we pass over him dearly. Jeff Bezos has made outstanding strikes. And once more, Fb has a thousand million customers.…”

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