It seems that Apple does not win for trouble with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Shortly after its release considerable alarm because the model 5.5-inch bent, a problem known in the network as Bendgate, but now it seems that there is another problem called Scratchgate that affect the display of the two models, which verges is easier than previous models.

The iPhone 6 Plus is the most headaches is giving the boys in Cupertino, because it not only affects you the problem of Bendgate have also come to light some reports say that the camera fails and displays the image with a kind water waves, which could have its origin in the optical image stabilizer (OIS). To all this we must add this new drawback related to the display, which also affect the iPhone 6.

According have commented several users on the network, the screens of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus scratched more easily than other previous models Apple smartphone. Apparently, the first complaints began to come to light through the Apple support forums at the end of September, accompanied sometimes with pictures showing the problem in detail.

Scratchgate, Apple’s new problem with the iPhone 6

In any images circulating on the network see how some users have photographed their new iPhone 6 with a former model who still like the iPhone 4S or 5. These remain virtually scratch after all the airtime that have held and used, while the brand new smartphone and presents its first scratches.

Apparently, one of the users of iPhone 6 contacted with the Genius Bar to report the problem and a possible solution. But as you know Apple’s warranty does not cover cosmetic damage their products, so the solution is to change the display to the cost it entails.

As discussed users, scratches on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus occur mainly in the area of the corners of the glass cover soon have the device and with normal use. Therefore, we recommend using protective as well avoid scratching the screen when you leave your smartphone on some surface or rubbing keys or coins when he goes into his pocket.

What problem can occur with the display of the iPhone 6?

Although Apple has not said what the exact material used to protect the screen the new iPhone 6, some suggest that it could be Gorilla Glass 3. However, the company promotes the use of glass “strengthened Ion-X,” a impregnated ionic material is supposed to be stronger than normal.

On the other hand, from AppleInsider say it is the first time that the US company uses a curved glass screen bezel leaving it to protect it from scratches. Thus, some believe that the crystal iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are more prone to scratches near the corners for this reason, as in previous models are not exposed like that.

By the time Apple has not commented on the matter, although it has been made aware of the existence of Scratchgate in the iPhone 6, so we can only hope for if he says something about this problem.[via AppleInsider]

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