Screen Scratches Reporteb By T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Users



Pre-orders for T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge started on March 27,  has also been the first carrier to send the first units of Galaxy S6 edge worldwide before the official release date on April 10 2015.

And sometimes the rush is not good, some customers complain that units received from the operator screens show scratches and dead pixels. There is a tabloid news since the popular XDA forum has already opened a thread in which several clients T-Mobile have reviewed their negative experience with the low quality of smartphones that have been straight out of the boxes.

However T-Mobile is proving sensitive to these issues and as a client account, on Tuesday allowed the operator to return the device after he spoke to them from the dead pixels and scratches presented.

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Unfortunately he bought another that came with the same problems of poor quality, so he had to send it back again. We will keep you updated about any new information that might suface. [via XDA-Developers]

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