‘SE’ In The iPhone SE Stands For ‘Special Edition’



Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, the media and users try to guess the acronyms that accompany it. On the iPhone 3GS, the “S” meant “Speed” referring to speedup who got the device compared to the previous generation, while the iPhone 4S meant “Siri”. The latest iPhone at present is the iPhone and what do the two letters of the first iPhone not include any number?

The letters of the last iPhone mean what some had thought: Special Edition. But what is special about this new model? As the story seems to come from afar: when Apple was raised to launch this new 4-inch model, he thought it would be a good idea to use the same design as the iPhone 5s had. And what name they would give a device with that design? Because there were few alternatives: they could not add the number 6 if the design was like a 5; they could not add 7 because that number is used in the next models of “normal” size. Les was the option of calling iPhone 5se.

Mark Gurman said earlier that this year that the 4-inch model presented yesterday was to be called iPhone 5se. Gurman usually quite succeed in its predictions and it seems that that was the name he would use Apple for its new iPhone “mini”. But, as many thought it would not be very good for marketing add to an iPhone 2016 the same number used in a model that launched in 2013. The end of the story seems to be that the “iPhone 5 Special Edition” lost the 5 and it became iPhone SE.

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