After Apple released the new iOS firmware for the Apple TV (5.0.2) and today there is already an update of the jailbreak tools and Seas0nPass Sn0wBreeze. The new version of Seas0nPass is intended only for the second generation Apple TV. Sn0wBreeze got an update to 2.9.6 and is intended to untethered jailbreak.



iOS  5.0.2 Firmware for Apple TV brings in itself nothing new.The two main improvements are HD previews for movies and TV shows from iTunes and an improved connection at home sharing (Home Sharing). Apple has made no changes in 5.0.2 so that the exploit used to jailbreak is patched – hence Fire Core as quickly again with a new version of Seas0nPass the stuff can get.

Seas0nPass is not yet suitable for the third generation Apple TV and there are no new developments to report in this regard.  

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