Secret Service Discovered Salahis’ White House Breach Over Facebook and puts 3 on leave.

Reality TV show wannabees Michaele and Tareq Salahi face a subpoena from the House Homeland Security Committee after skipping Thursday's hearing on how they passed through Secret Service checkpoints to crash President Obama's Nov. 24 state dinner and ended up shaking hands with him.

The pair of aspiring reality telev
ision stars — as well as White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers — declined to testify Thursday. That left Sullivan as the sole witness.

The Salahis are the subject of a criminal investigation in an incident that embarrassed the Secret Service. Even though the Secret Service last week said the breach was its fault, the White House on Wednesday issued new guidelines calling for a White House staffer to be with each officer checking people in for parties, to catch party crashers. Sullivan testified that Rogers' office did have personnel roving the area, but his officers made a mistake by not contacting them.

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) emphasized that the matter was about "real-world threats to the nation." That didn't stop him from playing t
o cameras, however, by placing two name cards in front of empty chairs when it was the Salahis' scheduled turn to speak.

His agents have handled the guest list before, he said, although he did not know whether they had done so at a state dinner. Last week, the agents were instructed to notify a supervisor and the White House social office if the name of someone seeking entry did not show up on the list, he said. That did not happen.

They've become the most famous party crashers in America


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