Security Hole Found In Samsung Galaxy Smartphones


samsungAs smartphones and tablets of Samsung, comprising the series Galaxy, discovered a backdoor that allows remote access to all the information on the user’s internal memory was discovered in Samsung Galaxy series.

Vulnerability is related to a system process which controls the internal modem . Paul and his colleagues Kosyalkovski known independent development of the free version of the Android operating system , called Replicant, found that the control program on some models of Samsung Galaxy can be used to read , write, and delete user files stored in the internal memory. The list of devices on the site developers, includes Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2  smartphones , Galaxy Tab 2 tablet 7.0 and Tab 2 10.1 , as well as other models .

” Modern mobile devices are equipped with two separate processors : application processor , which is run by the operating system , in this case, Android, and signal processor , which is responsible for communicating with the mobile network “, – said Paul Kosyalkovski of project Replicant. He said that it contained a backdoor in the signal processor , more precisely, in its software .

It was previously known that vulnerability modem control program on mobile devices from different manufacturers can be used to spy on the user – remote turn on the microphone , receiving GPS data and even to access the camera .

The only way out of the situation , according to Kosyalkovski , free distribution is to install Android, that does not use proprietary software . These , obviously, refers Replicant. Was backdoor added intentionally or due to negligence of developers , is not specified . In Samsung’s question about the vulnerability Replicant, developers did not answer .

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