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 Beginning of last week, AT & T confirmed that it had suffered an incursion into their databases, containing personal information of customers who subscribed to a 3G data plan specific iPad, a team of hackers called "Goatse security". The latter had not failed to present a list of the e-mail from senior U.S. government and media circles.

The FBI did not take long to take matters in hand and tells this to have been able to stop one of the perpetrators. The hacker was arrested Andrew Auernheimer Escher. During the arrest, the FBI commandeered the entire hardware Auernheimer Mr. Escher
but have also won many illicit substances such as cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and some pharmaceutical products for purposes malicious.

It remains now to AT&T to close its faults correctly for this type of situation can not happen again. Note that it is still with this team "Goatse security" that this major fault has been found.

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&#a hundred and sixty;

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