Sega Mega Drive Mini will Be Released This Year


sega mega miniSega Mega Drive Mini: Compact retro game console is on the rise somehow. After Nintendo celebrates success with its SNES Mini Classic, rival Sega wants to achieve something similar.

Over the weekend, they announced they would revive the 16-bit era and announced a Mega Drive Mini. Much info about the announced console clone does not exist yet. The manufacturer announces that just like on the model of Nintendo pre-installed classics should be included.

Top Sega games like Sonic or Golden Ax could come in here and be played right after unpacking. In the summer of this year, the console should come on the market. Game maker Sega could not really prevail now with its then Mega Drive console against the competition of Sony or Nintendo.

The Mega Drive mini, however, had a fine but small fan-base that celebrated the console and available titles due to the exclusive game titles, which were often available only as import versions. For example, I remember that this console was one of the first to have really extraordinary and individual controllers. So there was a kind of plastic fishing rod as a controller to be able to go digital fishing.

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