Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog for the Apple TV 4



Nintendo and Sega, to launch new games for mobile platforms currently prevailing on the market. We reported the arrival of Miitomo the first Nintendo game for the Apple and Android platform, a few hours after Sega, took the spotlight off its rival, and released Sonic the Hedgehog for the Apple TV.

Sega has released one of the favorite titles by many users to the Apple TV platform fourth generation, but not the only one. The next March 24 will come Sonic 2 also for the app store Apple TV. But there’s more, because the next March 31, will also come to shop Apple TV Sonic CD, closing the number of versions that Sega plans to launch.

All users who have not yet bought any of these games featuring Sonic should know that are also available on the App Store as they are compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. To download our fourth generation Apple TV must write Sonic in the search of the App Store on the device.

But if you’re a regular player of this game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you must look in the section not in this Apple TV in the section of purchased applications.  SEGA also announced the official dates of the release of Sonic 2 and Sonic CD, the first will be released March 24 on the Apple TV, the second will be available for download on March 31, while both titles are already available to download via the iOS App Store and will, in the course of the year, released for Apple TV 4.

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