Several portals enthusiastically announced the launch of two new versions of the Sega Mega Drive console, which is also known by its alternative name Genesis. One variant uses wireless controls, while the other takes the form of handheld. Unfortunately, the information turned out to be wrong: The company AtGames is only “re-launching” a version of the console and takes a long time to market, and the only thing different is the list of titles.

Retro is fashionable and has been proven with the success of Pokémon Go among those over 30, who played the first editions of the saga two decades ago. To use the pull, Nintendo has already announced that in November launched a new mini version of the NES, the first console of the Japanese company will include 30 games. Now, Sega has targeted fashion and through the company that has the official license of their consoles, has announced that it will re-launch two new versions of the Mega Drive: A mini and other portable.

The launch marks the 25th anniversary of Sonic, the character who was the image of Sega for years and was released in June 1991 with the first title of many. Both consoles, created by AtGames, including 80 games of the mythical machine, among which five titles in the Sonic franchise, Mortal Kombat and the first Golden Axe, Altered Beast and the three Shinobi III. So Sega will reissue your console in two formats, but with the same amount of games.

Sega-Mega-Drive-classic-rebootNew versions of the new edition of the Mega Drive hit the market in October, a month before he does the Mini Nintendo NES. However, in the stores there and a remake of the Sega Mega Drive, the same company, but with a catalog of different games. The home console controls and include two connecting cables, an adapter cartridge and an SD slot to expand the catalog of games.

The official announcement indicates that the “new” AtGames Sega Mega Drive will be available from October, priced for $65 … but the point is that already in the market, with a catalog of games a little different. People ToysRus the offered online at $45, and physically is the same console … with all its limitations, read out mono RCA audio and video, and wireless infrared controls

Not to be the first to start  with the announcement of a new console from Sega, but the silence of official channels confirms that it has nothing to do, beyond its licensed name. Now, if next week Sega breaks the mold with a new Mega Drive possessing HDMI output, cartridge holder and an extensive library of integrated games will be a pleasure to eat these words …

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