SemiRestore for iOS 7 will restore jailbroken iPhone and iPad in one click



Last year we reported on the development of useful SemiRestore for users with jailbroken devices. Since then, the application that lets you ” throw » iPhone or iPad on the firmware that is currently installed on the machine , went a long way in its current form and is able to restore to iOS 7 devices.

In iOS 7.1 , Apple has implemented a new technology that restricts developers the ability to create software solutions for the jailbreak . The company not only closed some key vulnerabilities , but also blocked the exit method of the “sandbox” . In this case the user has no downgrade from iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.0.6. But the worst thing that you can not restore a “clean” firmware , for example, if installed jailbreak tweaks slow down the device. In such cases, one solution will be to transition to iOS 7.1.

Special application SemiRestore7 allows you to easily restore the OS. For example, if you have iOS 7.0.4, then the program will return you to the same 7.0.4 , pre-clearing it of all superfluous . It will not be a full reset, as in this case you forcefully upgrade to the latest firmware. It will just reset all the excess .

The application is very stable and allows you to restore the device just a click . The whole operation takes 5-10 minutes. Need to connect the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad jailbreak to your computer , run the program and click a single button SemiRestore7. Application creates a backup copy of the file will erase all data on the device and install Cydia. In this case the device will be cleared of all tweaks and third-party software that can slow down his work.

SemiRestore7 works with all devices operating system iOS 5.0-iOS 7.0.6. At the moment is a version for Windows. The official website of the project status shows 80 percent readiness development for Mac and Linux.

Download SemiRestore7 for Windows

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