Several references of new Apple devices in iOS 5 Beta 1


the previous day , Apple the first beta of iOS 5.1 available to developers .The new OS is no obvious innovations to be found, but located code that indicates a new iDevices. Thus the code refers to the iPhone5, 1, the J33 Apple TV and iPad2, and iPad3 4, 3. New Apple products in this way often diving into new beta software.

IPad3.3_iOSb1 (1)

The code name of the new iPhone5, one is remarkable. Because the number before the decimal point is increased, this would confirm that it really is a great upgrade. New iPhones with decimal points were more special versions for other telecom networks in the United States. For the iPhone are the code names a bit more complicated: so did 
9to5Mac the iPad2, 4 but also the iPad3, 3. First, that a new model for a U.S. carrier can be, while the iPad3, 3 a new model can predict. The iPad 2 is known as the iPad2, 1, iPad2, 2 and iPad2, 3. In June appeared the iPad 3, iPad 3,1 and 2 for the first time in iOS 5 .


J33 Apple TV is the second product that is a code name with the letter J wearing this month.Previously, the new iPad is the iPad J2 mentioned. Whether this is a specific meaning carries with it remains to be seen: you would think that both products may be closely related, but thanks AirPlay is the case with the current iPads and Apple TV 2G.


How this new Apple products will look like remains to be seen: the discovery of the code in iOS 5.1 only shows that Apple is in advanced manufacturing. That a new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV arrived we suspected


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