Share Multiple Photos And Videos In One Instagram Post



Instagram launches a new feature that allows you to create albums with up to 10 photos or videos. These albums can be browsed by other users who follow our profile and are currently active on a limited number of accounts. Within weeks, the album will be available for everyone. ‘

This Instagram update is a very special one: since the launch of the app in 2010, users have been able to edit and share only one image (and later a video) at a time. Seven years later, Instagram now allows the upload of up to ten snapshots and clips at the same time. The function is impractical. If you are on a party, a wedding or a similar occasion on the road, you can simply make the albums accessible to everyone or make a quasi-story that will not disappear after 24 hours.

To create an album, simply share a photo and click the “+” button to add more images or videos. Photos and videos can be edited with a single filter or a filter for each shared content. Once published, the album will be represented by a picture with blue ball: you look at the albums, will have to do is open it and start browsing photos and videos.

In the feed, the app marks the albums with blue dots under the post. The image chosen by the user in the first place serves as an eye-catcher. If you want to make as many friends as possible to watch your album, choose a special recording. The navigation in an album is actually self-explanatory: you just wipe left and right to get to the next or previous picture.

The function is not completely new. It appeared at the beginning of February 2017 already in an Instagram beta, but did not work completely at the time. The new feature is now available to all Android and iOS users, according to the Instagram blog.

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(Source: Instagram)

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