Sharp started supplying displays for the Apple iPhone 5



After problems with the production, the Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp, reportedly only just begun delivery of screen displays for iPhone 5.

Sharp behind schedule, when its president, announced in early August that they will begin delivery later this month, and the internal source claims that the company has started mass production earlier this week, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“Mass production of the screens for the iPhone 5, which Apple unveiled Wednesday, began earlier this week at Sharp’s factory in central Japan, the person said. 

The start of Sharp’s delivery of the screens could help ease concerns about whether Apple will have enough components to meet global demand for the new iPhone.”

In late August, the source said that display manufacturers experiencing “difficulties of production,” although the exact nature of the problem has not been submitted.

New iPhone 5 uses a new technology that combines touch screen along with an array LCD.

Sharp supplies should allow Apple to increase sales during the high demand for the iPhone 5. Eastern firm joins LG Show and Japan Show.

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