As of late is a tragic day. "Mermaid lady" Shiloh Pepin has died on the age of ten. This
little lady used to be born with the uncommon situation of her legs being fused collectively.
It’s known as "mermaid syndrome" or sirenomelia.

After being envisioned for handiest being able to continue to exist for days by way of medical doctors
at her beginning, she died ten years later defying all odds. Her mom stated that
her daughter was once "a troublesome little factor".

Shiloh died after coming down with a awful chilly that became
pneumonia. Regardless of medication and the ventilator she used to be strapped to, she didn't pull via.

Shiloh's story made it on the "The Oprah Winfrey Express".
She additionally had a documentary on TLC. From there she won a following on the
web and TV.
Individuals world wide are being touched through her story.

Shiloh by no means had the power to have surgical treatment to separate her legs as necessary blood vessels crossing facet to aspect in her
circulatory device would kill her



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