In a&#one hundred sixty;blog entry  has confirmed iH8sn0w engage in a so-called blobs ShSh Extractor . This jailbreak tool will be used for each unit unique signature (ShSh data) of the firmware to store information that is currently on the extension phone, even if a previous firmware version concerns than currently by Apple signed is. So far it is only possible to ShSh data to store the latest (and future) firmware version (s) via, for example Cydia or tiny umbrella.


Since the arrival of the iPhone 3G were ShSh data from previous firmware versions required for a device with an earlier firmware versions to restore. It may be that a new device to an older firmware version is present then the firmware version that is currently provided by Apple and is signed. The data show ShSh a part of the boot of the iPhone, iPod touch , iPad and second generation Apple TV, and as such will be stored. Users who have been waitin
g to update their device will thus be rewarded, because they will be able to still ShSh the data to store the firmware version on their unit.

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