Sidewalk Labs

Sidewalk Labs

Google’s Larry Page announced Sidewalk Inc., a new project, which is far from the company’s core business. This one will be dedicated to ex-Bloomberg CEO Dani Doctoroff at the top, to the improvement of urban life.

Project Sidewalk sounds like a first product of the new Moonshot department Y Google Labs, the Larry Page projected. In the Y-Labs it is to go about getting a kind Google to provide 2.0 to bounce to develop with the aim of cities and airports of the future. The Sidewalk Labs, which have their headquarters in New York to work, among other things, to meet the challenges of growing cities by the year 2050 the urban population will have doubled. Using new technologies, it should be possible according Sidewalk to meet pending socioeconomic and environmental issues as well as future demands on the health service.

Google CEO Larry Page and Dan Doctoroff, in his capacity not only ex-chief of Bloomberg, but also former deputy mayor of New York with a focus on economic development will, in the Sidewalk Labs to tackle problems with technology, the “Urban Shift” curtain calls, so the continuing migration of rural population to urban areas.

Among the objectives of the project include Sidewalk to improve public transport and reduce the cost of living, so that not only affluent sections of the population can not afford life in the city. Moreover, before you have to reduce energy costs and to make public administration more efficient equipment, these two tasks are not easy to solve, according Sidewalk press release. Furthermore, one of the objectives of Sidewalk to reduce environmental pollution in cities to make more green areas to build safer bicycle paths and to optimize public transport in general.

So far there is no information on specific projects that are tackled in the Sidewalk Labs. As with Google X Labs, the Moonshot lab Google, it might take a while to be announced concrete plans.

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