Several large corporations in Silicon Valley like Facebook, Google, eBay, and others, decided to form a support for Samsung in the history of flight patents the Korean company is accused by Apple.

The newly formed group made several disclosures to the court, explaining that the reimbursement including $ 548 million in damages (930 million initially) which Samsung is facing, could lead to problems in the development and innovation the technology sector.

As a reminder, Samsung has been convicted in the case concerning patents contested by Apple and must compensate the Cupertino based on all profits from sales of its smartphones. While the damage could be limited to just violated patents and not on the basis of all smartphones sold. Otherwise, if the decision remains unchanged, this could create big problems unprecedented in the field of technology.

Apple explained that she can not accept this argument and points out that Google has a great interest in this case. Indeed, the mobile operating system from Google works on all Samsung devices. The trial is not finished yet, it will be interesting to know what will turn the matter.

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