Siri and Smart Cover Lock handle code in iOS 5 Vulnerability


For a while a supposed vulnerability has been found out within the iPhone 4S, which is as a result of the brand new voice regulate Siri. Right here, the code block is skipped with the aid of the iPhone 4S and Siri to outdoor customers get right of entry to to personal information.Due to this fact, calls can also be made, messages are retrieved or contacts may also be considered.


This problem can be easily solved by the appropriate settings.Under General -> Passcode Lock -> Siri, the function can be deactivated prior to use and Siri, is then always queried the passcode.


In addition, recently, by Mark Gurman of, 9to5Mac author discovered that a similar vulnerability exists on the iPad secondBecause of the bug in the IOS 5 partially bypass the passcode lock allows for an iPad 2 with the help of Smart Covers or a commercial magnet.Here, the function of the protective sleeve, which is responsible for the activation and unlock the screen, is used for the bypass.

If the code lock is established on the iPad 2, usually must be unlocked before using the device with the appropriate code.However, the power button pressed until the off slider appears and then the Smart Cover is closed, the lock code will be bypassed, in which you press the Cancel button for a reopening of the Smart Cover.

Thus each person access to the home screen of the device has, but can not call a media or installed apps.If, however, was open before locking one application, one who receives access to each app, and could possibly get an insight into private data.To resolve this problem, all troubled users disable Smart Cover unlocked in the settings.


In the near future, Apple will probably release a new version of iOS 5, both to fix security holes or to provide appropriate adjustments.


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