Siri for WatchOS 3.2 to interact with third party applications



One of the things we would most like to do with our Apple Watch is to be able to control third party applications with Siri. According to an agreement with the developers of Apple published last Tuesday, it seems that soon we will be able to enjoy it. This will allow us to use third party applications, so we can send a message through the app, make a payment and many more things that await us with watchOS 3.2.

In this update we will be able to mute the sound of the Apple Watch and disable the option that allows the screen to be turned on when we lift the wrist. Although this may seem like a ‘nonsense’ the truth is that it is annoying when, for example, we are watching a movie or simply in a room in the dark, and inadvertently move the wrist and the Watch screen turns on.

Among the improvements, what is most surprising is the implementation of SiriKit for third-party applications, since we can make use of applications through the voice. This is certainly a big step in terms of voice-based computing, and it’s something that can make the Apple Watch seem more attractive, as it will facilitate many operations.

So far, Apple Watch has failed to handle applications. Users are told that it is very limited because it has a small screen, and is somewhat uncomfortable. That’s why they always end up using the iPhone, since this is usually close.


According to what we have known about the version of watchOS 3.2, not all applications will be able to take advantage of the Siri integration. In principle it will only be available for those apps with certain domains, including messaging, payments, calls …

It should be remembered that, yesterday Apple was launching betas versions for developers, among which did not include the version of watchOS. However, today Apple has announced these new features for the next update of watchOS 3.2 that we will surely see in a few days.

(Source: Apple)


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