Siri-Hack: First implementation of a proxy server and your own voice commands [Video & Tutorial]


We’ve a couple of days in the past about stated that the protection protocol decodes for language assistants as a way to analyze the communications between Siri and Apple servers nearer. With this data, different builders can create their very own Siri proxy and put in force new voice instructions. On Github be provided including all the necessary programs to Siri to expand their own commands. The adaptation of Siri is thus nothing in the way.

SiriProxyA developer named Pete "Plamoni" Lamonicas could develop the first own capabilities for voice control. In his first attempt he has set up your own proxy server and developed a plugin for Siri to be wireless thermostat to control. This allows the thermostat to respond to status and commands a certain temperature can be fixed. In addition, a video was released, demonstrating the operation closely.

Allows the Siri interactions through an encryption error by Apple, which is certainly fixed in next release of the IOS version.


Furthermore, the German blog has hack2learn made ​​the effort and wrote their own instructions for the above-described way. Thus there should be any experienced programmer to develop its own plug-ins and a private Siri proxy set up. The manual is very clearly designed and should any interested developer to explain the necessary steps.

An  video tutorial has been released recently, with her ​​your own proxy server can set up for Siri. Furthermore, a new plugin has been introduced, called ELIZA , which is intended to represent a kind of computer therapist.






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