Siri iPhone 4S Voice Assistant Hidden Features(Commands)


The brand new voice assistant Siri  integrated within the iPhone 4S  does must easter eggs , ie hidden options. On this case, it’s extra hidden through voice instructions. As a reminder, Siri can ship messages, learn, do analysis on the net, agenda appointments all out of your voice. He needs fast and wise. Joshua Topolsky has been the experience and found several sentences which we call sympathy. He tested several, and some bring a smile.


  • "I need to hide a body"
  • "What kind of place you looking for? ReservoirsMetal foundries? Mines? dumpss? swamps"


  • "I need the weed"
  • "The main shop is close to you"


  • "What the meaning of life? "
  • "42"


  • "Do I make you horny? "
  • "I found a number of escorts close to you"


  • "Who is your Daddy? "
  • "You are. Can we go back to work now? "


  • "Knock knock"
  • "Knock knock. Who's there? Joshua. Joshua who? Joshua, I do not do knock-knock jokes "

And again, it is only the English version! We imagine even the German or the French version.Hopefully we are equally served, answer 14 October with the release of the iPhone 4S .


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