Siri is in Windows Phone 7 for over a year (according to Microsoft)


The day past, in an interview with Forbes, Craid Mundie, technique and analysis supervisor at Microsoft stated that his firm already had the voice attractiveness expertise for over a 12 months on Home windows 7. You didn’t comprehend? We.


Mundie mentioned: "We are able to dictate a message and seek for phrases within the voice of Bing! "However the elementary distinction between these two services and products is the delivered price of Siri. If Home windows 7 desires to speak like a robotic to be understood, Siri (as a minimum in its American model) permits you to talk in pure language, on a regular basis language. After which add that Siri performs a couple of duties with the aid of controlling the telephone and a few of its functions. After which to do nothing to ruin, Siri can nearly dangle a dialog with the person!


So, unable to realize that it is difficult to offer innovative technologies to differentiate their products, or hypocrisy? Anyway, humility is not the strong point of Microsoft, the evidence on video;-)


     You could say that Microsoft has more than one year a similar option in Windows phones since the launch of Windows Phone 7. By "Eric Text 'to say and your message to speak with your voice you can also send an SMS message. Also by Bing you can search through mere words to speak.

Mundie devotes not on Siri's ability to ask some alternative information to come out, one of the distinguishing features of Siri. Performing simple voice commands can now all smartphones: Android is also possible to certain specific transactions to execute your vote.

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