Apple has taught Siri – the personal assistant built into the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, – to respond to the mention of glasses Google Glass. It’s enough to say the phrase “OK Glass”.

Google’s data glasses “Glass”, currently in beta, also has a Siri-like assistant. This can be with the words, “OK, Glass” Enable. Who faced Siri so, but will not get far.

Among the possible answers Siri – «Glass? You picked the wrong mate, “” Do not try to tie me to the forehead, does not work “,” Do not wink, for me it does not work “,” I think the glass is half empty “(a play on words: Glass – the name of the glasses and glass -« glass “) and” Very funny. Not so funny to laugh, but it is ridiculous. ”


Siri jokes about glasses that Google Glass, being run both on units with iOS 6, and on units with iOS 7 beta. Apple builders from the start tried to present voice assistant phantasm of “character.” Siri aware about the various memes is aware of rates from cult motion pictures and is aware of how to respond to essentially the most ironic totally different phrases, together with marriage proposals.

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