Siri on iPhone 4 by Apple? Maybe Not


AppAdvice and Jailbreaknation introduced their separate ways in which Apple would launch Siri concept on the iPhone four Respectively, each websites mentioned that some construct iOS 5 used to be at the moment put in on some iPhone four for some workers at Apple headquarters in Cupertino. The construct in query was once one thing greater than the iPhone four current within the arms of consumers: the voice assistant Siri used to be put in


Soon, a common conclusion found that the apple was to run on these devices. But ultimately, nay as 9to5Mac . In fact, 50% of the story is true and the other half is not. While Siri installed on the iPhone 4 is indeed real. However, a port is done one day, it is not . “Apple has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on the development of Siri, integrate it into the OS as a free upgrade would not be good for Apple.” In fact, 9to5Mac shows just the marketing aspect / maintained by a commercial brand of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Siri is one of the major advantages of the new iPhone 4S. The inclusion in a model of a previous generation would give more real benefit to the logo on th
e top smartphone apple. Moreover, Apple has always worked this way.

A video camera on the iPhone 3G or EDGE iPhone did it come about? No. However, once the iPhone 3G came out, a video function has emerged. Now, with tweaks on Cydia, it was shown that the first two iPhone fully supports the function. But as rightly to Siri: it was a selling point to make people want to buy the latest consumer product date.


Moreover, 9to5Mac has suggested that Siri will be a major function in the future at Apple. 
It will be used here and there, on devices with which a processor A4 (included in the iPhone 4) will not be enough to perform the tasks.


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