Siri porting is done on iPod touch


Apple has presented his assistant voice Siri  in itslatest iPhone 4S , hackers are seeking for to show that it may be used on older airplane or present (iPad 2 , as an example). Nowadays – after the Ports made on iPad and iPhone 4 – it was the turn of the iPod touch to see Siri welcome. Of course, it still does not work because Apple’s servers will not take into account the request. However, the interface is present and seems fluid. 


 We imagine that Siri is actually a marketing coup for Apple to push the consumer to buy the new phone.

We must work to two hackers, and euwars rud0lf77. The two young men obviously can not show more. No release date is announced, since the function is not responding. Hackers who have turned on porting Siri usually think may be going through a server that it will send queries to those of Apple to make believe that it is an iPhone 4S. Alas, but as normal, such an operation has a cost. Porting Siri, if he wants 100% conclusive, may be paid if this is the ultimate solution.



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