Siri protocol hacked, use on other platforms theoretically possible


Applidium developers claim they have the security protocol of Siri hacked . This makes it theoretically possible to not only voice assistant on the iPhone 4S to work, but also on the iPhone 4, the iPad, but the Mac and Android devices.&#0160
The developers have tools available that others can get to work. In order to use the tools you need, however, access to the UDID of iPhone 4S needed, the unique identification of an iPhone. 


This makes it difficult to use for the general public available. Apple is also the method used by simply blocking UDID on a blacklist. The developers have discovered the Siri protocols used with Apple's servers to communicate. They also know how Siri compresses audio using the open source Speex audio codec. It is designed for VoIP applications. It was previously demonstrated that it is possible to Siri on an iPhone 4 to work, but there are snags. If everything is in a practical way to get working, then developers can build their own apps Siri. Siri with the hack where you could control your brains, was a hoax. These newly discovered hack Applidium released thanks to the tools a lot more credible.

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