Apple finally decided to have Siri the iOS voice assistant on OS X 10.12 operating system. Microsoft is ahead of Apple at the time of taking the personal assistant of smartphones to desktop devices in a move that surprised many, since Microsoft no assistant had long running so that they risked the leap the desktop version. As published by 9to5Mac, Apple plans to offer the personal assistant of iOS in the next version of OS X, allowing to perform various tasks using voice commands only.
Apple’s personal assistant would find an icon located at the top of the menu bar and users could make use of it through a keyboard shortcut or simply by clicking the mouse or trackpad. Pressing or run Siri, appear a sign with dark background in the upper right corner of the screen. The interface would be very similar to that shows the iPhone when we called Siri and we started talking.

If the device is connected to the mains, users could also call Siri with “Hey Siri” command just like we do with current models of iPhone and iPad. Siri for OS X will be one of the most important innovations of the next version of OS X, whose name is unknown today.
Siri Apple released in 2011 along with the iPhone 4s and the date has been extended this feature to all devices of the company. Siri is currently in the iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and the Apple Watch. The wizard can be used to search the internet, open applications, check sports scores, play music, set up appointments in the calendar …

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