Siri uses iTeleport to control a Mac, it is possible?


 I ask myself many questions about Siri . When the tool was unveiled in the last Keynote , it occurred to me as a mere marketing tool designed to increase sales of the iPhone 4S . But finally, after a few weeks after having had the opportunity to test se
veral times the wizard voice of Apple, I think the issue has changed a lot. 
Of course, for now, Siri is not a revolution, but there is no lack of interest so far. 


And indeed, if it interests you or you have an iPhone 4S just at home, know that it is now possible to use Siri … for (almost) to control your Mac . Well, not completely, right, is not dreaming.

So be careful because you still have to tweak a little for this to work. Sorry to cut your hopes to naught, my friend, but he will have to wait a bit to enjoy a vocal assistant intelligent on our bikes. No, actually, to use Siri to control your Mac, you will have to … go through an application on our iPhone 4S. Application, certainly, but not just any. Indeed, the editor iTeleport understands the potential of Siri and has decided to deploy a major update to its tool.

For those unfamiliar with this application, you just know that it comes in the form of a VNC-like . Basically, it installs it on their iPhone or iPad, one eats two or three parameters and it becomes possible to control a Mac remotely from a mobile terminal. The user can find his work environment, work on documents, control applications, all without having to move his butt to the sofa. True progress, so. And indeed, the iteleport version 5.2.0 is now available. The main innovation brought by this version, so it support voice commands.Once your iPhone 4S connected to your machine, you just say so "launch Evernote" , "Google Chrome launch" or "Mail Run" to start the associated application. This is not necessarily a big revolution, it is okay, but if you will no doubt impress all your friends.

Finally if the purchase application, which is still offered at $19.99 on the AppStore. Okay, it's a bit quiet but just think about how you are going to shine in society after that ..


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