Siri voice carried through the iPhone 4S jailbreak?


Scott Forstall us this Tuesday Siri , the brand new assistant voice incorporated within the new iPhone 4SBilled as progressive, the performance will best be on hand on the iPhone 4S. Apple suggests. At the least formally. In now not even 24 hours, hackers have begun to seem extra carefully at Siri, and the end result is conclusive on paper. 



 Chpwn, a famous developer of tweaks and co-developer of Cydia, announced via Twitter potential ideas for the arrival of Siri on older models.



For its part, iH8sn0w also shows scratches and be announced on the spot. He has published the first photos taken on its iPod touch 4. Although Siri is absolutely not functional at present informally, the project progresses. Hopefully hackers will make this feature available as quickly as possible before the iPhone and other iPod touch / iphone brand. Be careful not to declare victory too soon: it may be that Siri never see the day on these devices. Time will tell.


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