Siri vs Microsoft Cortana and Google Now


cortana-1In 2014, Microsoft Build announced mobile platform Windows Phone 8.1 update at the conference, which is built in a personal voice assistant Cortana. Characteristically, the Redmond company revealed its own alternative to Siri three years after the presentation of ” apple” of the development . Voice search for web content and applications on the device have also in the platform Google Android. Gizmodo journalists decided Cortana compare with competitors, to assess how well the technology copes with Microsoft .

In testing involved three assistants – Cortana, Siri and Google Now. Recall that Microsoft Cortana positioned as a specific mix of functions previously implemented by Google and Apple. There is full support for natural language and , according to developers , in contrast to the “apple” product service adjusts individually to the needs of each user. Also , Cortana has a pair of his own stunts , which Siri and Google Now are not capable .

According to observers Gizmodo, all digital assistants work at the same level . All three deal with most asked questions : find images on the Internet , counted the pints in a gallon , built a route to the nearest gas station , etc.

Each assistant is able to perform standard voice commands and quite smartly answering questions . However, when the technology will work with the Russian language still remains a mystery.

Siri vs Microsoft Cortana and Google Now ( only flash):


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